Lost July formed in 2004 when Brian Rook and T.K. Archibald played music for a camp in Arkansas. They used their spare time to play originals that Brian had written. With another guy who played bass at the camp, the three guys called themselves County Line. After playing their first show they landed at the end of the summer, they knew they had something and knew that they wanted to pursue it. They picked up another guitarist/singer and played several shows that fall of 2004.

With the rest of the band going to school in Arkansas, T.K. moved there the beginning of 2005. They recorded their first 4 song demo in April '05. After some discouragement, the band had a meeting decided to call it quits in May. The very next day, they received a call from a lady heavily influenced in the music industry (worked with Poison, Nickelcreek, Saliva, Evanescence, just to name a few) and she gave them the pick-me-up that they needed to press on. She heard the song "Faces" on the demo and realized their potential. The band did have a lot of work to do however. One thing that they needed was a name change. County Line sounded too much like a country band. One day the guys were in their dorm room with the TV on a Japanimation cartoon. A title of an episode popped up called "Lost July" and they thought it would make for an awesome band name. It stuck ever since. The band traveled around and played shows all over Arkansas as well as a few in Texas. They developed a large fan base in their college town Arkadelphia and always enjoyed a hometown show at the local coffee joint Thrio's.

In the Fall of 2005 the bassist decided he no longer wanted to be with the group. This led to a hiatus with the band and they all decided to finish up their degrees. After school, Brian, T.K. and former guitarist Eric Daniels wanted to give music another go. They all moved down to Austin to pursue music in Fall of 2008. Since then, Lost July has been working hard for their voices to be heard. They had a "Tour to Caio" in 2009 and played their way to Florida and back. In 2010, Lost July had some member changes. Eric no longer wanted to play music and this led the change of T.K. stepping away from the drumkit and moving up to guitar, keys, and vocals since he knew the material. Not long after, they picked up Chris Olivo as their drummer. The summer of 2011, Rob Knoke joined the band as bassist and vocalist.

Lost July recorded with John LeCompt (formerly with Evanescence) and put out their latest Sing It to the World EP in February 2011. They have played many festivals and have even opened up for great bands such as Alpha Rev, Circleslide, and Ordain. The chemistry of Lost July is where it needs to be and they are making major dents in the music industry with their 3 part harmonies, inspirational and heart felt lyrics, and guitar rifts that are so catchy they'll hook you everytime. Lost July travels all over Texas playing shows and has recently signed with Tate Music Group, giving them the edge to take it to the next level.