Brian remembers laying in his bed late at night when he was in high school and listening to bands like the Wallflowers, Matchbox 20, and Third Eye Blind just dreaming that one day he could be them. His brother was a manager of a band in the Dallas area, so he started going to music venues and listening to live music.

In his last year of high school, he signed up for a guitar class and began writing from there. He started a high school band with a friend, but college came quick and he headed to Arkansas to get his degree. While in college, he met other musicians and started writing again with them. His musical education came to light sitting in the stairwells of the dorms, playing until he fell asleep. He started a group called County Line where they recorded an acoustic CD with a professor from the school. In 2004, Brian was asked to lead the music program at Ferncliff Camp outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, so he packed my bags for the summer and headed out. He called T.K. immediately and he was asked to play there as well. Brian and T.K. went to high school together, but a friendship never bloomed until their last year and neither of them knew they would be able to write so well together. At camp, they wrote the song “Faces” and knew they had something very special they were working with.

At the end of that summer Brian wanted to keep pursuing music, as did T.K. They kept playing through the year. They created a full band under the name County Line and performed that year, catching the ear of Bonita Garrabrandt who had been working in the music industry for years. She had a chance to listen to their first recording where she told them “Faces” was the reason they had a chance to make it. During this chapter, they changed our name to Lost July. They continued for about a year and decided to go their separate ways and finish school before continuing with music again. In 2008, Brian moved to Austin to live with the band and pick up playing music where they left off. They played their first show since 2004, then again 2009 and have not stopped since then.

A couple of people have come and gone through the band, but Brian and T.K. were not ready to cash it all in yet. They met with drummer Chris in 2010 and bassist Rob in 2011 to complete the band. They signed with Tate Music Group in the summer of 2011. He used to dream of playing in front of people, and after many years of hard work, sweat, and passion he has reached a small part of the dream. He has had the chance to open share the stage with national artists, and has had music played on radio stations…all thanks to a dream and fans that supported him through thick and thin.