From when he was a kid, Chris has always had an ear for music. Banging on anything in his path, he developed his love for the drums in an unconventional way. His first exposure to an instrument was in grade school where he learned to blast he trumpet and baritone. At the age of 15 he paired up with a childhood friend who was interested in starting a band. Along with a few close friends, the band “Say’He” was born. They played shows in the San Marcos and Austin areas, changing their name to “Premise” in 2004. They continued to play shows for approximately a decade, finally parting ways in 2008.

Chris still felt there was more to what he describes as his "calling for music." He never took lessons or had proper instruction, instead looking toward his rock idols for inspiration. Drummers such as Morgan Rose, Alex Van Halen, Tommy Lee, and Jose Pasillas gave him the drive to dedicate his life to music.

Chris was in between bands when he was contacted by Lost July in the spring of 2010. After listening to the song “Faces” he knew he was getting involved in something with more promise than anything he had done before. In the first year with the band, Lost July have played dozens of shows throughout Texas and Arkansas. They recorded their EP “Sing It To The World” with John LeCompt in February of 2011. Due to the success with this EP and recent shows, Tate Music Group signed the band in August of 2011 which Chris could not be more proud of. He hopes to see continued success with the band.

Influences: The Beatles, Sevendust, Evans Blue, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, At The Drive In, Van Halen, Greenwheel, Matchbox 20, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Johnny Cash, Coldplay, Motley Crue, 3 Doors Down, Foo Fighters, Alien Ant Farm, Alter Bridge, The Toadies, Sparta, Queens of the Stone Age, and Green Day, just to name a few...